Resurgence Barbell and Fitness Opens its Doors in Downtown Cranford

Last week, the Downtown Cranford office, Mayor Brian Andrews, Commissioner Kathleen Miller Prunty, and DMC Board members, attended a ribbon cutting for the newest business to make Cranford its home, Resurgence Barbell and Fitness! Resurgence Barbell and Fitness is located at 6 South Avenue West, formerly The Little Gym. Resurgence Barbell and Fitness owners and co-founders Carl Gocon and Aaron Zhang were joined at the ribbon cutting by team members Jake Meiskin, Jazmine Andes, Emily Gocon, and Jazshua Andes.

Aaron and Carl began their powerlifting journey a few years, and quickly fell in love with the sport. Though powerlifting can be done solo, they found they enjoyed it most when the experience was shared with others. Resurgence Barbell and Fitness offers coaching and in-person training, as well as open gym memberships.

Aaron and Carl chose Cranford because of its proximity to where their friends live. They have also done personal training sessions in the surrounding area and knew the community had a desire for a business like theirs. “We want to show people that powerlifting can be fun and enjoyable,” said Aaron. “We’ve helped people improve and seen them get stronger. It’s also not just about entering competitions. Strength training improves your quality of life by allowing you to do more, increasing your endurance, and helping people avoid injuries.”

Strength training and powerlifting has seen its popularity grow in the past few years. Women who may have previously questioned the necessity of strength training now see it as an essential part of their fitness routine. Jazmine Andes, who serves as Resurgence’s Business Administrator, had held the position of marching band instructor when she realized she needed to build muscle. She now has been powerlifting off and on since 2017 and recognizes the importance of it in regards to building bone density.

To learn more about Resurgence Barbell and Fitness, you can visit their website,, and follow them on social media.