Resources For Businesses


UCEDC, a non-profit economic development corporation, is a great support for our Downtown businesses. We offer a time frame once a month where you can sign up to sit with UCEDC business consultant Mary Adelman. Topics can range from eCommerce support, technology, loan information, eligibility for State funding, and more.

In addition, we have partnered with UCEDC on workshops, business owner meetings, and more.

Please know that you can always contact UCEDC at your convenience by emailing Mary at We are grateful for our partnership with the UCEDC and we hope business owners take advantage of the resources available right in the Downtown.


Per Cranford Ordinance 204-22:

  • Landlord or tenant is responsible for clearing snow and ice in front of their property to allow safe pedestrian passage.
  • This includes clearing sidewalk openings at a crosswalk/intersection.
  • Remember, it is unlawful to push or throw snow into the roadway.
  • Downtown pavers (including stamped concrete) can only be treated with Calcium Chloride. Do not use rock salt.


Please reach out to our office with any questions or concerns.

Hurricane Preparedness kit

Business handbook


There’s a reason we have a high profile! 

Our Downtown is managed by an office dedicated to encouraging business growth and community development.  Our municipal leaders and offices are ready to help make Downtown Cranford your home.  Cranford is a special place and it’s only getting better!

Finding the Perfect Space:

Available commercial/retail spaces in the downtown district are listed here. If you haven’t found what you’ve been looking for send us an email and we’ll do what we can to help in your search!

If you identify a space that interests you, the DMC can help you determine if the location will “work” for your particular business. You can cross reference the zoning map (Township of Cranford Zoning Map ( with the permitted uses code to see if that business is permitted.

Navigating the Process:

Step 1: Complete your Confirmation of Use Application

The Confirmation of Use application (Zoning Permit App November 5 Page 2 ( will be reviewed by the Zoning Officer and will confirm if your type of business is permitted in your desired space. Zoning has 10 business days to review and respond to your use permit application.  The Zoning Office can be reached at (908) 709-7216.

Helpful Tip: It is recommended that you DO NOT sign the lease until your Use Permit is approved.

-Food Establishments & Businesses Selling Any Prepackaged Food Items (Fees Vary)

Once your Use Permit is approved you should apply for a Food License Application (KM_227-20231013104140 ( with the Health Department and continue to step 2.

Step 2: Apply for a Building Permit

Once your Use Permit is approved, your licensed contractor should fill out a Construction Permit Application Jacket and Counter Form (link here – f100-1 8-2008 Inet rev.pmd ( Building permits are required for most interior and exterior construction or renovations involving plumbing, electrical, construction and fire suppression systems. A permit is not required for cosmetic improvements such as painting, flooring, tiling, finishes, etc.… Skip to Step 3 if you are only making cosmetic improvements.  Please note that outdoor painting needs to be approved by the DMC.  Please provide a paint swatch before starting your project.

Step 3: Submit your signage to Zoning

The Signage Permit (Zoning Permit App November 5 Page 2 ( will be reviewed by the Zoning Officer, Building Department and the DMC.  The Zoning Office can be reached at (908) 709-7216.

Schedule a Ribbon Cutting

It’s time to officially welcome you to Downtown Cranford! Reach out to Caren Demyen, Executive Director, at or (908) 709-7208 to schedule your ribbon cutting ceremony.


Downtown Cranford is here to support you along the way. Please reach out  to Caren Demyen, Executive Director, at or (908) 709-7208 to schedule your ribbon cutting ceremony.

Park Permit

Reach out to Parks & Recreation for use of our Township Parks.  (908) 709-7283.