Hickory & Hill General Store Opens Downtown

On October 15, Hickory & Hill General Store opened, located at 21 North Avenue West (near the Cranford Theater).

Kelli Paterno grew up in the Cranford area and always had a desire to do something creative. She loves shopping local and supporting artisans, and found a way to combine those passions with the opening of Hickory & Hill General Store.

The past few months illustrated to Kelli how much residents make an effort to support their local businesses, which reinforced her decision to open in Cranford. Hickory & Hill stocks home décor items, including pillows, blankets, tea towels, decorative items, and more.

In addition, the store will sell both men’s and women’s clothing, as well as jewelry, accessories, and food items. Kelli wanted her business to have the feel of a general store, one where people can stop by and find a variety of items.

The items stocked at the store are all ones that Kelli has chosen because she loves the brand or because of the brand’s mission. She also made an effort to select items that are made locally. “When I moved back to Cranford, I had so much fun decorating my house and that led to my idea for the store,” said Kelli. “I’m so excited to open in the town that I love, and be a part of the Downtown Cranford community.”

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