Little Flower Essential Oil Blends Pops Up Downtown

In 2014, Mary Kate Santulli started practicing Reiki as a way to deal with anxiety. Mary Kate’s very first Reiki session had a profound effect on her, and in 2018 she became a Reiki master and teacher. Reiki is gentle touch therapy that helps balance one’s energy. It is used as a complement, not substitute, for traditional medical treatment. In addition to increasing her knowledge of Reiki, Mary Kate had been dabbling in essential oils and wanted to become more educated in them. She completed 250 hours of training, became certified in essential oils, and in May 2018 Little Flower Essential Oil Blends was born.

Mary Kate sold her products online, at pop-up shops, and at local markets. Customers discovered her almost exclusively through word of mouth and social media. When Filomena Coccaro, the owner of Ciao Amici was making plans to vacation in Italy for the summer, an opportunity arose for Mary Kate to do a pop-up shop in Filomena’s space. Mary Kate is also partnering with retired Cranford teacher Lori Dobbins Talbot, who founded Happy Girls Sparkle and is offering empowerment workshops aimed at girls.

Mary Kate doesn’t represent any specific brand of essential oil – all of the companies she buys from provide a breakdown of what’s in their oil. This gives her more control over her brand and what she’s providing customers with. Essential oils are distilled from plants, with each oil offering specific therapeutic properties. Mary Kate offers a variety of different products that incorporate the oils, including rollerballs, sprays, diffuser blends, creams, and more. The Bug Off! Bug Spray is a favorite among Mary Kate’s customers – pick it up now before she sells out!

Clients can sit with Mary Kate and have a personal blending session, where she’ll learn about their needs and provide them with a selection of oils. They can then choose the ones they like and she’ll create a customized blend for them. The concerns that most people have tend to revolve around sleep and anxiety.

Little Flower will be at 25 North Avenue West until September 1st, open Tuesday-Friday 10am-5:30pm and Saturday 10:30am-4pm. “I’m excited to have a physical location where people can see and smell my products,” said Mary Kate. “I view them as my artistic expression, and having a store allows me to have a real connection with customers. I’m also so happy that this allows me to partner with Lori and other women. It’s a great opportunity for all of us to lift each other up.”

For more information on Little Flower Essential Oil Blends, including its products, upcoming events, and more, take a look at its website,