Martin Jewelers Celebrates Its 75-year Anniversary

This past October, Martin Jewelers celebrated its 75-year anniversary. The business was founded by Howard Martin Siegel after he returned from World War II on October 2, 1945. Ellen Ramer started working at the business in 1976, and will celebrate 45 years with the business this June. She started in the service department at Martin Jewelers and then became a certified gemologist. In 1990, Ellen bought into the store, and in 1994 she purchased the business after Howard passed away.

Coming into the business as a woman, Ellen was aware that her hard work and loyalty to other companies would be even more vital. “In our business, as in so many, your word means everything,” said Ellen. In addition to building connections with other companies, Ellen recognized that Martin Jeweler’s success would also depend on the ability of its employees to stay educated and informed. “There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes that people may not realize,” said Ellen. “The more informed and educated we are, the better we can assist customers. Our expertise and commitment to customers and community are two of our enduring qualities.”

Ellen loves that every day at Martin Jewelers brings different customers with unique needs, and that what people want from their jewelry continues to evolve. “Recently we’ve seen women tend to want more versatile pieces that can complement both dressy and casual outfits. In the past few months, stud earrings have come into fashion, mainly because they don’t get stuck on people’s masks!”

Martin Jewelers’ employees take care to educate and inform customers. In addition to helping people select the perfect piece of jewelry, they also emphasize how important it is to care and clean for what you have. “Taking care of your pieces allows you get better life out of them,” said Ellen. “It also will protect you from losing valuable items if they get too worn.”

In 1992, Martin Jewelers donated the clock in the center of Downtown, as part of the Eastman Plaza renovation. This past holiday season, Ellen Ramer and Martin Jewelers sponsored the beautiful new lights for the Christmas tree at the Gazebo. Ellen has always made an effort to give back to the Cranford community. “Cranford is such a lovely town,” said Ellen. “It’s so warm and welcoming. People here help each other out whenever they can. It’s an exceptional place.”

We are so incredibly grateful that 75 years ago, Martin Jewelers opened its doors in Cranford. The business has become a vital member of the community and has given so much back to Cranford. We hope the next time you stop by Martin Jewelers, you’ll congratulate them on celebrating 75 years in business!