On Earth Day, Downtown Cranford Welcomes LABO Refillery to Town!

On Earth Day, we’re so excited to officially welcome LABO Refillery to Downtown Cranford! LABO Refillery is located at 11 Walnut Avenue and is owned by Meliza Veneracion-Fule and her husband Joseph Fule. Meliza and Joseph’s goal is to help customers reduce their plastic waste, while also offering a selection of natural, organic, and recycled goods. Meliza and Joseph have tested everything the store sells, making sure they only stock items that meet their high standards.

LABO Refillery is focused on helping customers reduce their plastic usage, and to that end customers are encouraged to bring in their own containers or purchase a refillable container at the store. The containers can be filled with liquid detergent, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion. LABO Refillery is so much more than just this, though!

Take a walk along the perimeter of LABO Refillery and you’ll see a wide variety of bath and beauty items for sale, including facial masks, deodorant, dry shampoos, toothpaste tablets, organic soaps, and bath bombs. Meliza and Joseph also sell upcycled items, including bags made from military tents and recycled skateboard sunglasses. Towards the front of the store customers will find a number of different types of straws, including wheat, bamboo, and coconut, as well as compostable utensils.

LABO Refillery is currently offering 10% off items through the end of April, and customers who spend $50+ will receive a reusable tote (while supplies last). The store’s current hours are Tuesday-Saturday 9AM-6PM and Sunday 9AM-4PM. You can reach the store by calling (908) 456-2465.

“We can’t wait for people to see our store in person,” said Meliza. “We really feel that local residents want a store like this, and are ready for it.”

Welcome to Cranford Meliza and Joseph!