Fettle Market Brings More Healthy Options to Downtown Cranford

In 2007, Amanda Vargas was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In an effort to improve her health, Amanda cut out certain foods and added in bone broth. These changes improved her well-being to such a great degree that Amanda made the decision to open a business so she could share her newfound passion with the community. Fettle + Fare opened in Westfield in 2017 and soon had a loyal following. As the business began to grow, Amanda made the decision to expand by opening Fettle Market in Downtown Cranford at 4 Eastman Street.

“All of our food is gluten-free and dairy-free,” said Amanda. “This makes it so there’s no fear of cross-contamination. We’re also able to cater to a number of other dietary needs, like Vegan and Paleo.” While Fettle + Fare is more of a restaurant, Fettle Market is a grab-and-go spot, where customers can stop in and pick up ready-to-go options like soups and wraps. The market also stocks retail products like snacks, supplements, drinks, and CBD products. “Our bone broth is incredibly popular, so we’ll have that for sale as well,” said Amanda. “It will be a limited supply though because it tends to fly off the shelves!” Bone broth is known for aiding with gut health, as well as providing a variety of nutrients while being low in calories.


Why did Amanda choose to expand into Cranford? “I knew I wanted to open another location and Cranford seemed like a natural fit,” said Amanda. “It’s a great location with easy access and walkability. Many times when I’ve been inside the store, getting ready for the opening, I’ll hear people walking past and hear the excitement in their voices about the opening.”

Fettle Market is open Tuesday-Saturday, 10-5. Information can be found on its website, https://www.fettleandfare.com, as well as on its social media accounts. Welcome to Cranford, Amanda. We’re thrilled that you chose to expand to our downtown area!

Fettle Market
4 Eastman Street