Senior Advisors Assists People with Medicare Enrollment

Located upstairs at 15 Alden Street is Senior Advisors, a Medicare General Agency which guides people on Medicare enrollment. Doug Lubenow started the company 15 years ago and his son Justin is now a partner in the company, overseeing the Cranford office. Senior Advisors has two offices in NJ, as well as one in Arizona.

Justin previously worked in Technology, but in 2015 he was constantly traveling for work and was ready to transition to a job that provided a better work/life balance. “I was very happy to join the family business,” said Justin. “In addition to working at a job that better fit my lifestyle, I really like helping people. We’re able to assist people in about 15-20 minutes. Often people are just overwhelmed with information and we can help them simplify their choices. We can do the majority of it over the phone or Zoom, which makes it convenient as well. After the phone call we also send each client an e-mail summary which helps them review everything we discussed.”

In addition to individual consultations, Senior Advisors also holds in-person and virtual seminars in connection with private organizations and libraries. “We only work with A-rated insurance companies, which compensate us,” said Justin. “That makes it so our service is free for clients.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Senior Advisors or would like to book an appointment, you can visit their website,, or give them a call at (908) 272-1970. Medicare Annual Enrollment is currently going on now through December 15th.

Justin and his employees love working in the center of Downtown Cranford. “It’s a great location,” said Justin. “There are so many restaurants here, that we can just go downstairs and we have our pick of great dining options.”