The 15th Annual Scarecrow Stroll Winners are Announced!

The votes are in and the winners have been crowned in this year’s Scarecrow Stroll! Thank you to everyone who took part in this Downtown Cranford tradition. We couldn’t have done this without you! Listed below are the winners in 6 categories: Ages 10 and Under, Ages 11-17, Adults & Families, Schools & Organizations, Cranford Businesses, and Best Overall. The winners will receive Downtown Cranford gift cards, which can be used at over 100 Cranford businesses.

A very big thank you to Home Got Owned Mortgages for sponsoring the prizes! Prizes are as follows: $100 for 1st place and Best Overall, $75 for 2nd place, and $50 for 3rd place. The Business Winner will receive a trophy with their name on it. If you’re a winner, please email us at with the mailing address for your prize.

Ages 10 & Under
• 1st Place: “Quills the Porcupine”
• 2nd Place: “Minecraft”
• 3rd Place: “Cuphead”

Ages 11-17
• 1st Place: “Girl Scout Troop 40005”
• 2nd Place: “The Gate”
• 3rd Place: “Bubbletea Crow”

Adults & Families
• 1st: “The Pink Panther”
• 2nd: “Little Boo Peep”
• 3rd: “Bob Moss”

Schools & Organizations
• 1st: “Trip Down Abbey Road”
• 2nd: “Cranford’s Backyard Pals”
• 3rd: “Corduroy”

Cranford Business
• 1st: Think D’sign Print
• 2nd: Periwinkle’s Fine Gifts
• 3rd: Sweet n’ Fancy Emporium LLC.

Best Overall
• Audrey II

Congratulations to all of the winners! Thank you for being a part of this year’s event and we hope you take part again next year!