The Team Behind Witch Baby Opens Their 2nd Business in Downtown Cranford

In 2019, Chelsea Selby opened a storefront in Downtown Cranford selling her popular brand Witch Baby Soap. The focus of Witch Baby Soap is bath and body, but Chelsea often found herself coming across items that she wanted to carry but wouldn’t fit with that space. When the space at 11 North Union Avenue became available, Chelsea and her husband Joe Randazza felt the time was right to expand, and Magick Manor opened its doors earlier this month.

Witch Baby customers would often inquire about home items and Chelsea is happy that she now has a place to sell them. Magick Manor also fulfilled a need that Chelsea had, because, as she says, “I was tired of buying my home goods only at Halloween!” Magick Manor carries a variety of items that are essential for any spiritual household, including art, pillows, cookware, cookbooks, seeds, spices, handmade wreaths, and more. “The items we carry are for people who curate their households with intention, leading to a peaceful and positive space,” said Chelsea.

The addition of a second business allows Chelsea and Joe to introduce their customers to specially selected small businesses. For example, Magick Manor carries the work of Meagan Meli, a Cranford resident and artist who specializes in spooky artwork. Chelsea is used to curating scents for Witch Baby Soap, and now she finds herself curating items for Magick Manor. “I really enjoy being able to support other people’s work, especially when the majority of the businesses we carry are woman-owned,” said Chelsea. “Our focus is on community over competition.”

“Cranford is a special place and its residents offer such strong support for its small businesses,” said Chelsea. “This is our home, and this is where we want to be. We’ve already received incredibly positive feedback from customers who are excited to have a store that represents their personality and offers unique items. We’ll be holding a grand opening for Magick Manor on June 9 and we can’t wait to celebrate with the community.”

Magick Manor is located at 11 North Union Ave and is open Monday-Saturday 11-7 and Sunday 10-5.